Welcome to Union
Welcome to Union
Welcome to Union

What to Expect

Yep, just thinking about showing up some Sunday morning can make you feel uneasy. Where do I park? What do I do with my bike? Where do I go? Will anyone talk to me? Will they talk to me too much? We want you to feel welcome from the start so here’s are a few things you may be wondering about…

First, come as you are! Well, ok, wearing just your bathrobe maybe a bit awkward but no one is going to mind. Most people dress casually or ready for whatever their weekend plans call for afterwards.  

 is easily available in the lot adjacent to the building and in the 321 Terry underground lot, which is free (with validation) for you on Sundays. More info here. 

Coffee is served. When you enter 415 Westlake there is a complimentary espresso bar serving Herkimer coffee and steamed drinks and in the main room there are cheese, crackers, and fruit waiting for you. 
Kids are a part of our time together and then they head off to their own worship space after about 10 minutes. Babies will be cared for wonderfully by our trained team in our nursery or they can stay with you. 

What happens in worship varies with our rhythm but includes worship through music (you can sing or listen) followed by a message rooted in the Bible and the opportunity, often, to celebrate communion or baptism.  We want to honor your weekend plans so we seek to wrap up at 11:20.   



415 Westlake Ave N
Seattle, WA 98109
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