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Sunday Rhythm

Worship is our life lived in response to God's love for us and passion for justice and reconciliation. We live in a rhythm that reflects that. Read more.

First, third, and fifth Sundays: we gather to meet God through music, prayer, Scripture, and Communion.  

Second Sundays: we worship through music, prayer, a short message, and a time of discussion. 

Fourth Sundays: we worship through action. We meet at 10am at 415 Westlake and then disperse to various activities around the city.

Our Story

What if you had a clean canvas to create a community experience that helped people know God, care for others beyond themselves, and enjoy authentic relationships? Would you meet every Sunday in the same way? Would you put the emphasis on getting more people to "go to church" or trusting Jesus and serving people?

Read more.

Upcoming Events

Sunday, October 4: 10AM‚Äč: Worship and Communion

Beginning the Fall Worship Series - Beneath the Cranes: Expansive Faith for the City

It’s ok to admit it. We are all impacted by the exponential growth of our city.  Multiple cranes across the skyline are only one sign of the rapid expansion.  How do we respond to the changing physical, cultural, economic and spiritual landscape?

With expansion come more honking horns, different voices, quickened pace, changing expectations, competing standards, heightened pressure, increase in corruption and chronic fatigue.

And, with expansion comes opportunity.  How do we see our challenges with new eyes—with the eyes of Christ?

Drawing on the discoveries of early believers in the Roman metropolises, found in some of the earliest New Testament writings, we will focus on how we live in the complexity of our world as people who know we are loved and through whom God’s Spirit reigns to bring new life.

October 4:  Eyes for the City   I Corinthians 1:18-2:2

Beginning October 7, Wednesday Evening Conversations will focus our attention on the letter to the Philippians.  As we dive into Paul's words of encouragement to the first century urban dwellers in Philippi, there will be opportunity for discussion and connection to the issues that we face in our city.  7:00 - 8:30 PM. kakao Café.

Men - Don't miss the Men's Retreat - October 16-18 - Heading to Camp Casey on Whidbey Island to enjoy time together, making and strengthening friendships, eating great food and focusing on what is important and giving space to draw closer to the Living God



















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