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Welcome to Union

Sunday Rhythm

Worship is our life lived in response to God's love for us and passion for justice and reconciliation. We live in a rhythm that reflects that. Read more.

First, third, and fifth Sundays: we gather to meet God through music, prayer, Scripture, and Communion.  

Second Sundays: we worship through music, prayer, a short message, and a time of discussion. 

Fourth Sundays: we worship through action. We meet at 10am at 415 Westlake and then disperse to various activities around the city.

Our Story

What if you had a clean canvas to create a community experience that helped people know God, care for others beyond themselves, and enjoy authentic relationships? Would you meet every Sunday in the same way? Would you put the emphasis on getting more people to "go to church" or trusting Jesus and serving people?

Read more.

Upcoming Events

August 2: 10 AM:  Worship with Communion -- Focus:  Give us this day our daily bread.   

 A prayer in preparation:

Lord, let us hunger enough that we not forget the world’s hunger.

Lord, let us hunger enough that we may have bread to share.

Lord, let us hunger enough so we may long for the Bread of heaven.

Lord, let us hunger enough that we may be filled.

But, O Lord, let us not hunger so much that we seek after that which is not bread, nor try to live by bread alone.

We ask this, relying on your compassion and confident of your love. Amen.

Summer Worship Series, June 21 - September 6 -- Teach Us Your Way:   What does it mean to pray the Lord's Prayer?

When the disciples saw Jesus praying, they approached him and said, "Teach us to pray..."   And, Jesus invited them into a conversation with God.  (Luke 11) 

Too often the short yet comprehensive prayer that is known as The Lord's Prayer can become a formula or recitation that we stumble over when we are not sure whether to say, "debts, trespasses, or sins."   This summer we will focus our attention on this prayer as dynamic, expansive words that invite us into our own dialogue with ur God who loves us. 

As Craig Barnes writes: "The point of all prayer is to find ourselves in conversation with our gracious God...Prayer isn't a leash on God that allow us to drag him to our own direction. Rather, it is an amazing opportunity to connect our heart to God's own heart."   Body & Soul

Wednesday Evening Conversation
Gather every Wednesday to discuss Scripture with fellow seekers, riskers and doubters.
415 Westlake Ave N | 7PM 

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